Garrys Mod

Garrys Mod is one of our favorite and most played games. We are constantly looking for new game modes to try out and new people to play with. Feel like playing with us? Send us an email requesting to play: More »

League of Legends

Play with our League of Legends team, Globalization! Be sure to add us as your friends so we can get an awesome game going! Ask for our usernames at! More »

Twitch LIVE Stream

We enjoy streaming our gaming with the people we meet online. Be sure to follow us, and you may see yourself in the stream! More »

TLPs YouTube Channel

A few of us like to record our gameplay and upload it to our YouTube channel. It would be awesome if you subscribed to us, and do not be surprised if you catch yourself as a guest star in one of them. More »


To Index a Scrimmage

The plan is to bring back the concept of tourneycore, except this time we’re throwing a little twist to it. Instead of you signing up and making an account on the site, the site will use twitter to index it’s content. The website will scan Twitter databases for keywords and specific hashtags. It will then take those detected tweets and convert them into posts that will be shown publicly on the website.

We’ve found this to be the most effective way for centralizing all video game scrimmaging and tournament information. We also plan to develop a smartphone app for mobile users. You will have the option to either post from twitter or from the website directly.

The alpha stage will consist of one simple page with roughly around 4 main sections: Latest, Scrimmages, Tournaments, and For Sale. The site will only be creating posts based on tweet detection rather than direct posting.

TourneyCORE’s Return

Our previous project,, is very likely to be coming back! We have plans to bring back the gaming tournament site if our new partnership goes through. More details coming soon.

League of Legends Hack/Exploit Tools

If you have played a bot game recently, then you may have noticed some of the players on your team intentionally feeding the other team. They act like they’re not human, refusing to surrender or respond to anything in the chat. They just rush middle lane and end up dying because of their turret dives. These are real accounts, but they’re not people playing. The account/player is being controlled by a grinding program that essentially plays the game for the user. These grinding program exploits have been seen with many games in the past, RuneScape being one example. The main goal for the exploiter is to level the character up to the max level and then sell the account online. For more info on this issue, click here.

A Minor Set Back

We have all of the right equipment to start effectively hosting game servers and websites, but there’s one minor set back…

Turns out our ISP residential plan doesn’t allow for a static IP, which is kind of a big issue. Our new goal is to raise enough funds to purchase the business package from our ISP. We have considered using a dynamic DNS manager, such as no-ip, but we feel like this would cause a lot of things to annoyingly slow down.

Until then, we’ll keep you posted on what’s going on within the TLP group. If you have any useful feedback or recommendations, please let us know by shooting us an email at .